Owning a greyhound is great fun. Nothing quite beats the thrill of watching your dog pass the winning line in first place. There is a lot to consider when looking to purchase a greyhound. You need to take into consideration rearing costs, training expenses and possibly vet fees. Just as important will be any associated costs when it comes to the dogs retirement.

If the above costs put you off owning a greyhound then why not consider joining the Aero 2 Greyhound Syndicate? We are offering a limited number of shares in racing dogs and puppies of various abilities and various breeds. For a one of payment you will receive either a 10% or 20% share in a pup or racing dog of your choice (please contact for a list of puppies and race dogs available). Your payment will include rearing costs, transport and training costs per annum. At the end of the finantial year a vote will be cast as to whether the dog should remain as he/she is, a move of track, be sold or retirement. Any retirement and homing costs will be included in the payment made.

Please contact us further for details on what dogs are available and copies of the share agreement.