Welcome to the home of Aero Greyhound Racing.  Aero Greyhounds are headed by Stuart and Eamonn Forsdike plus racing manager Leanne Sallis.  The Aero prefix is very well known in the greyhound world with greyhound followers since it was first used over 10 years ago. We deal with all aspects of greyhound racing from race dogs, pups, breeding (studs and broods) to transport and retirement. Dogs isn’t just a hobby to us – it’s in the blood.

It all started 20 years ago, one night at Walthamstow after the purchase of our very first greyhound Threshers Flyer,  Mo as we called her back then started life in the bottom grades before working her way to A2 grade and running in the odd open. She even after retirement whelped a litter of pups.

The most important part of Aero Greyhounds are of course the dogs - Welfare is very important to us at Aero Greyhounds as these animals give us so much fun we feel it only right that each greyhound is ensured of a happy retirement after their careers whether as racers, broods or studs or even if they were just too slow to make the track! There is no doubt that Greyhounds are one of the most intelligent breeds of dog and make wonderful pets. They are used to the hustle and bustle of racing and you will often find retired greys simply want to sleep and relax. It’s a myth greyhounds need lots of exercise after retirement.
We hope our first contact with you will be the start of building trust leading to a lasting relationship.  We offer services such as buying or selling dogs, breeding advice and any welfare issues. We also have our in house legal team that can deal with issues such as sale contracts and debt recovery kennel bill issues. We personally have greyhounds for sale to suit most pockets whether they be the readymade article of pups open to improvement.

If you have any questions please let us know. You can contact Stuart Forsdike or Leanne Sallis on our office number 0845 505 8888 or 07717745575. Please also feel free to email us at info@aerogreyhounds.co.uk orleanne@aerogreyhounds.co.uk if you have any questions for us please do not hesitate to get in contact> please also follow us on both twitter and Facebook where you can find out up to date information on all our dogs first hand 
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