1. Aero Joker

Pacific Mile x Free to Air
White and Black March 2009
Prolific open race winner and related to super stars

2. Aero Lillie

Ace Hi Rumble x Droopys Darjina
Black September 2010

Open race winner and sensational speed for young pup

3. Aero Carluke

Headbound x Cabra Dancer
Black September 2007
Related to super stars. One of best Dam lines of all time




4. Aero Rebel 

Droopys Maldini x Final Rose
Black April 2010
Prolific Open race winner and holder of 2 track records

5. Aero Scramble

Headbound x Bluetoon Megan
Black May 2010
Oaks finalist and prolific open race winner

6. Aero Topaz

Ballymac Bull x Ballymac Floss
Brindle January 2009
Related to super stars from famous dam line

7. Aero Venus

Crash x Rough Venture
Black August 2009
Top grade and open wins. Great dam line

8. Aero Ebony 

Royal Impact x Honey Princess
Black October 2009
Related to dogs such as Ten Large Down and Honey Trampus

9. Aero Brie 

Killahan Phanter x Droops Seville
Black March 2009
Ran in opens only. Famous producing dam line

10. Aero Seppi 

Westmead Diver x Droopys Sporty
Black and White May 2009
Sister to Droopys Greg, open racer winner, great dam line

11. Aero Tulisa 

Sky walker Ace x Centenarys jo
Black September 2009
Sister to Cracking man



12. Aero Melody  

Droopys Scolari x Charquest
Black January 2010
Great Dam line, Great speed

13. Aero Dot 

Big Daddy Cool x Borna on Air
White and Black February 2008
Sister to Magna Buddy and great dam line

14. Aero Leanne 

Premier Fantasy x Final Gold
Black June 2011
From Super star litter and open race winner

15. Aero Niamh 

Brett Lee x Embassy Lane
Black June 2007
Great breeding lines. Superstar pup on ground already

16. Aero Pixie 

Crash x Bandicoot Lola
Black August 2009
Related to derby winner bandicoot Tipoki

17. Aero Xelha 

Aero Blackjack x Aero Ivy
Brindle October 2009
Great lines and very quick



18. Express Alarm 

Brett Lee x Airport Express
Black November 2007
One of best dam lines available. Proven



19. Miss Chill 

Bit Chili x Miss Shauna
Brindle September 2009
Related to You Mind Me and Billymatt

20. Rathberg Lady 

College Causeway x Previous
Black July 2009
Very quick and great dam line