We feel there is no greater buzz in dog racing than breeding your own pups. It gives you the chance to decide their make up in terms of blood and also to live a dream whilst they are being reared. You could end up with graders for your local track or derby champions!! We have a large number of brood bitches (see separate page) from some of the top producing lines in England and Ireland . We are always on the lookout for bitches to lease to prove our stud dogs to!

Take a look at our Broods page to see the bitches we have and either plan to breed from or already have!! We have links with many breeders in England and Ireland which means we can locate some of the best blood lines in the business. You will see our bitches are from some of the best lines available such as Any Time Soon, Cabra Dancer, Farloe Oyster, Westmead Swift, Mega Delight, Free to Air, Droopys Darline etc If you have any well bred bitches you may be interested in selling please let us know. Equally if you fancy owning a puppy from one of these lines or our broods please feel free to contact us with regards to the same and future matting’s we have planned for them.

We believe in 'quality not quantity' and aim to produce pups capable of running at a high level by ensuring all bitches are covered by proven stud dogs. By using the top people in the breeding industry and the top stud dogs available from the top stud masters we truly believe we are giving the puppies we breed , every chance to be a successful racing greyhound. Hopefully,  if we can add some luck along the way we can produce  dogs and bitches to compete in the competitions and sky races. Please note the welfare of the brood bitch is most important, and in terms of puppies we ensure every puppy has a future home whether or not they make the track.

We have our broods whelped in England under our supervision. Both the bitch and pups will normally remain in England until they reach the age of 3 months where they will be fully earmarked and inoculated. This stage can be critical to a puppy’s development. It is essential the prior to the bitch giving birth she is happy in herself and fed nothing but the best. The same applies to the pups when they arrive. They must be cared for in comfortable conditions and feed the very best. If the goodness is not put into the pups in the initial stages there won’t be much hope of them making the track.

After 3 months the puppies often leave England for Ireland where they are reared until schooling age. We enlist the help of many different rearer’s in Ireland to ensure the puppies have plenty of freedom in order to grow and develop correctly. This ensures the pups get as much exercise and freedom as they could wish for. At  approx. 12 months of age (or when the puppy is ready) the puppies are kenneled and are subject to racing routine. This means they are fed at certain times of the day, are lead trained, and are taught what will be needed in terms of visiting a track. They will also be put up a straight line gallop to ensure they chase a lure and have a running style which ensures they will be right for the track. Regular galloping will also build up their fitness ready for the next stage.

When the time comes to run around a track the pups will be taken to the likes of Clonmel, Thurles or Limerick where they will see for themselves what it’s all about. They will initially see other race dogs chase. It’s common for the dogs to get quite excited at the thought of chasing a lure. Normally the pups are hand slipped over a short distance to ensure they are gradually built up in terms of confidence and fitness. 

When they have mastered chasing the hair and running a bend and after box work at home, they will be placed in the traps for the first time. This is when you can gauge ability and their style of running. 

Finally after consistent trials the pups will be either graded in Ireland or will make their way over to England. This is then when the fun starts.

If you have any questions regarding puppies schooling or rearing please let us know We would be happy to inform you of our recommended rearers and breeders who we have 100% trust in.